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With more than 24 years in the market, SIGMA – Maintenance Management System – is a system developed to assist all the sectors that aim to plan and control the management, it does not matter if they are industries, technical assistance, building structures, hotels, hospitals, etc.

We understand that the choice of a maintenance management software for you company in any sector or industry, is not an easy thing. Different analysis have to be done, and different questions have to be efficiently answered, such as: 

  • What are the resources available in the system? Do they fit my needs?
  • What internal structure do I need to have (Material and Human resources) to implant this software?
  • How is the support structure that the developer company offers to me?
  • What is the use that other companies give to this software?
  • What is the cost/benefits ratio of the implantation of this software? Does it fit with my needs and expectations?
  • Etc…

Knowing this, we are doing monthly, the SIGMA Online Presentation, for companies that desire to know the system and are interested to use it in their own companies. 

Because of that, we are always looking for provide to all the people interested in knowing more about SIGMA, the greatest number of information and possibilities to obtain possible references, so the implantation of the SIGMA software in your company can be easy and safe, knowing that this will give to the client a high level of confidence in the whole process of implementation of the software. These presentations are made in real time, via Virtual Room with a consultant that will present the SIGMA software and all of its functionalities, with all of its modules, benefits and advantages that the system offers for the management of the maintenance sector, in addition, the participants will be able to clarify their doubts in the chat during the presentation. 

For more information and doubts, contact our Call Center. 

Central SIGMA