Central SIGMA


The auditing service in the SIGMA gives to the SIGMA user company an independent and impartial of the use of the program, based in the experience ant the knowledge of Rede Industrial in hundreds of companies.

In accordance to the request specified by the client, the service must verify if the current use of the System fit the requirements below, proposing solutions.

To calculate a budget, your company must provide this information:

  • What are the current goals of the company about maintenance?
  • Who is the audit final “client”?
  • SIGMA version used?
  • Database size in MB?
  • Quantity of maintainers
  • Quantity of planner / Supervisors of Maintenance?
  • Average of OS’s opened / Week?
  • Total outstanding OS’s this moment?
  • SIGMA Modules Used?

In accordance to the goals informed by the company, is made, a meeting with the final client of the audit, presenting the methodology proposed and the expected results. The auditor will be able to audit what he/she considers necessary, being under the management of the final client.

In addition to provide an independent vision of the processes that are include in the usage of the SIGMA – Maintenance Management System.

Central SIGMA