Central SIGMA


Headquartered in São Leopoldo, Brazil, Rede Industrial has a Call and Technical Support Center, where a team, highly qualified, works assisting continuously to all the clients and users of our products and services. In the headquarters, is localized the Central Comercial SIGMA and the Marketing and Promoting Center that work in the marketing actions, advertising and commercial support to clients. 

Rede Industrial also has subsidiaries companies, that are based in other Brazilian cities such as: Presidente Lucena, São Paulo, Bahia and Belem, and the group of collaborators (Consultants and Developers)who work home-office in different cities of Brazil, working constantly locally or remotely, in the development of new resources for the SIGMA software, providing technical support to our clients. All the support structure, with the team located in different cities is possible thanks to the tools and web resources, such as: 

  • Callcenter / PABX Virtual – We work with a virtual phone center through a number, all of the company sectors are contacted with a telephone extension. 
  • Opening Online Tickets System – We provide an online support structure, to open tickets to offer technical and commercial support, with this system the clients are allowed to follow the support process from any place in the world. This tool helped us to improve the organization and quality in the support of our clients. 
  • Online Support – During the Office Hours, two assistants from the Comercial and Technical Support area are available to offer online support to our clients.  
  • Cloud Computing – We work with two servers (Data Centers), and documentation cetralization centers, that integrates all the activities of technical support, developing (programming), comercial and administrative in just one place. Allowing the centralization of the information, avoiding errors, letting the consultants, technicians and programmers, when they work assisting locally, to access these servers and execute tasks, increasing the productivity.

Industrial Network is constantly improving to offer an outstanding support to our clients and partners.


Central SIGMA